Lana Ryder, LMT, CHC, CSH, AADP

Integrating Sound, Energy and Massage therapies,  Lana has 45 years combined experience in the allopathic and holistic medical fields. She is a holistic practitioner, educator, motivational speaker, published author and talk radio co-host. Coming from a long line of professional musicians and healers Lana shares her experience, education and passion for integrating healing and music with teaching Sound Therapy classes, and introductory workshops for massage therapists to integrate sound, voice, and music. Other continuing ed. for bodyworkers includes business, ethics, self-care, Soundwise Massage(c) TM and ReikiSound(c)TM.  Private sessions are available in Lancaster, Harrisburg and York, PA and Hilton Head Island, SC. Through Sacred Sisters Healing Alliance, new avenues are opening for offering women's retreats, workshops and spiritual renewal and healing applications.
 The picture below was taken during the local chapter AMTA meeting's continuing ed. workshop in Harrisburg, PA. Massage therapists are practicing a beginner technique for using metal bowls, tuning forks, quartz crystal bowls and hand-held percussion which can be utilized to further benefit their clients in their practices.  They learned how the science of sound frequencies entrains and helps the body's natural homeostasis.


Lana is a member of American Association for Drugless Practitioners, the American Massage Therapy Association, International Health Coach Association, Harmonic Therapy Association and Sound Healers Assn. She is an experienced, inspiring speaker at many regional venues which have included Penn State (Harrisburg campus), Bucknell University, Millersville University, Wellspan Health(York Hospital), Pinnacle Health(Harrisburg Hospital),a variety of television and radio programs, and a multitude of healthcare, women's and employee wellness events, both holistic and allopathic. Having studied with some of the best teachers in the alternative medical field, Lana works intuitively and integratively as inspired by the thousands of clients/students over the past 20 years. "I love working and living integratively. I would not try to confine this beautiful work to one modality, one belief system or one or two 'ways'. I listen to what my clients say and then offer sessions tailored to their individual needs. Adding health coaching and nutrition to my practice balances out my approach to wellness. We are truly nourished and thriving when we understand how to maintain the lifestyle and beliefs that best suits us as individuals. That includes whatever specific therapies are right for us such as massage or sound, and also how to nourish our relationships, our passions, our labors of love, and way of life.  Combining regular massage and energy therapies with knowing how to eat and cook healthy and maintain nourishing relationships in a way that works for you is crucial to being healthy, happy and at peace with your life. As a licensed massage therapist, teacher and health coach, I will be able to help you put together a plan for overall health and happiness: Your own individualized way of living to reach your health goals in a way that works for You!" ~ Selah ~ Namaste ~ Shalom ~

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"If you want to understand the universe(life), you must think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." (Nikola Tesla)   Sound is the energy of creation.  All energy has frequency. All frequency and vibration has sound.  Therefore, everything is sound.  Everything. (all of life, letters, numbers, planets, food, etc.)